KEMET and BusinessCreation jointly agree on a new future for Dectron

On Friday, September 17th, 2021, Amsterdam, KEMET/YAGEO, and BusinessCreation jointly announced the transfer of KEMET’s facilities in Kalmar Sweden to BusinessCreation to redevelop a newly independent company with a prosperous future for its customers and staff while growing its regional role. As part of the acquisition, the new company will utilize the former brand name, Dectron, with staff having the opportunity to become shareholders.

Following the acquisition of KEMET by YAGEO in June 2020, a strategic decision was made to search for an acquisition partner for the electronics manufacturing facilities in Southern Sweden. The Netherlands-based BusinessCreation was the ideal partner given its track record of successfully redeveloping companies across Europe whilst always maintaining social and regional impact at the centre of its decision-making processes.

For BusinessCreation, the opportunity was of particular interest because of the high level of knowledge and skills available within the current team and the fact that there are synergies with other BusinessCreation ventures. Beyond that, it also meets the social objectives of keeping and developing high-end manufacturing and electronics businesses active in the Kalmar region.

The agreement represents a win-win-win for KEMET/YAGEO, BusinessCreation Group, and Dectron and enables Dectron to build a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

The new leadership of Dectron will focus on growth within its existing customer base and, after that, utilising this experience and knowledge to develop new products and services relevant for the future. Beyond that, the leadership of Dectron will allocate funds to invest in new and innovative initiatives in the future.

Andreas Meier, SVP at KEMET EMEA adds, “For strategic reasons, we wanted to find a suitable solution that would better position our site in Kalmar to grow externally, based on the robust and available know-how. Our trusted partner BusinessCreation Group was able to help shape this new future. With this agreement, Dectron can now develop itself more autonomously into different markets. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Dectron in the coming years”.

“It is a privilege for me to develop this traditional Swedish company further and provide a good perspective for the future based on the collaboration with KEMET/YAGEO and the development of new activities with our current and prospective customers. There is an enormous amount of knowledge and craftsmanship available in Dectron, which provides an ideal starting point for success” said Mickael Larsson, Managing Director of Dectron.
“This is a huge opportunity for the Dectron team to grow again and a milestone in the company’s long history. It is also certainly a huge boost for all employees, who have put their heart and soul into this great company for years,” said Roel Wolfert, Managing Director of BusinessCreation.